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Liannie Rios

Hi everyone! And welcome to my shop! I know that now and then is nice to have a nice card games. I played a lot of card games when I was young and one of my favorite was "Las Briscas". Is a Spanish card game. The Spanish pack has 40 cards distributed in four suits: oros (golden coins), copas (glasses), espadas (swords) and bastos (sticks); the picture cards are sota (jack,10), caballo (horse,11), and rey (king,12). Most games are played with the 40 cards pack (pictures and cards from ace to seven). (Ref from ludoteka) The main objective is to be the first to achieve the agreed number of hands; and the objective in every hand is to get the highest amount of points with the cards taken through all the tricks. Have fun with las Briscas!

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