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JH47- Magic and Beyond Shop Space

Joonas Haaranen

Here is the JH47-Magic and Beyond(M & B) shop of mine. My name is Joonas and I am from Finland. I am magician myself too so I know quite a lot about cards and other magic stuff so I will be trying to create as good products as possible. My cards are especially designed for magic purposes but the cards can be used in many other ways too. I am keeping up this shop by myself and all ideas and products are designed by me and property of JH47(copyrights). I came up with this idea because I wanted create something of my own. I wanted to share my visions to others and I wanted to give something to other people as well. I hope you like my products. If you have any question about the products or some other question please contact my personal email = joonas.haaranen47. You can find me on Instagram too if you want to contact me there(jh47magic). But after all hopefully you guys will like my products. Thank you very much :);)

Playing Cards

The Yellow Eye- TYE

Playing Cards

JH47- Purple Dash