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Intuography See & Say Card Deck Shop Space

Michael Timothy Bean

Welcome to the world of symbolic sight reading using the Intuography See and Say Deck. Intuography is a technique used to transform photographs of people, scenes and flowers into colorful and energetic representations of the moments the photos were taken. The colors of the photos are mixed with an artist/subject spirit to spirit communication and collaboration. The use of the magical number 9 when creating the cards is common among all of them. The back side image consists of colorful concentric circles and ovals representing the many layers of the energetic systems and main energy centers common to all humans. The front side of each card contains an Intuograph, the card title, and a number. The card title is the name of the soul subject, a description of a scene, or a species of flower. The number is the reduced cardinal number of the title of the Intuograph in numerology.

Playing Cards

Soul Expressions Deck 9/10/18