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Miss Petra O

Tarot and Oracle Card Decks designed by Petra Ortiz: including major arcana, animals, zodiac symbols, constellations, etc. Click the card images for more info. OCD - 78 cards, ALOD - 44 cards, Halloween TAROT - 78 cards. Peacocks, bats, witches, cats, tigers, birds, insects, spiders, skulls, worms, plants, crystals, unicorns and more. None of my decks display male or female nudity. I wanted to create oracle and tarot decks that I could use around my children without feeling awkward or embarrassed about what was on the card. So I thought that a 'cute' Halloween deck would be cool...I also created an Animal Lovers deck, because my kids and I love animals, and I created my "OCD" deck as a way to incorporate different elements to hopefully look beautiful and cute to you (I love them). Thank you for reading :) I hope you enjoy using my decks and that they help you tremendously.

Playing Cards


Playing Cards

The Oracle Card Deck, The OCD

Playing Cards

The ALOD Animal Lovers Oracle