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144 is a creation by Joie using elements of divination, logic, and mathemagics. The game integrates traditional systems of tarot, i-Ching, and astrology with innovative themes for practical use. The total deck = 144 cards; (0-22) for the major arcana with (44) elemental symbols (energy, light, air, fire, water, earth) for the minor. (77) New graphics are incorporated to answer queries clearly, quickly, and directly. Most noble features are simplicity, mobility, and precision. Not only are the micro decks easy to transport everywhere, but the Fibonacci sequence of cards are known to generate an energetic matrix of insight. 144 is designed to be with you always; keep a deck in your bag, another in vehicle(s), several different styles at home or work; and also gift this to others. Cards are available in different sizes, and as weatherproof plastic. Plus, the App is currently underway. Join us online at: 144 Cards

Playing Cards

144 - Micro WT Plastic 1.25x1.75+

Playing Cards

144 - Micro BK Plastic 1.25x1.75+