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Gem Rummy Shop Space

Jon, Lori, and Jayden Carper

Gem Rummy is a playing card game like Gin Rummy. Gems/colors are added to each card to allow more combinations. The playing deck is a standard 52-card deck with the only difference being the added color elements to each card. "Stash" is a new meld available: at least 4 like gems. "Gem Parts" is a new bonus available when a player has all 8 gems at the end of a hand. "Queen's Diamonds" is another new meld available; (2) 6-sided dice (not included) are used for Queen's Diamonds and to determine the "Knock Number". Full rules and more information are available online at: gem-rummy.yolasite. c o m

Playing Cards

Gem Rummy (Spade of Emeralds)

Playing Cards

Gem Rummy