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Institutional Service Tarot (IST) Deck Shop Space

Derek Mueller

Should I say yes to this invitation to serve on yet another committee? The question comes up again and again (and again) over a career. There is the Email Closings Advisory Committee, the Hot Takes Faculty Door Decor Committee, the Allowable Scents in the Building Elevator Committee, and so on. Sometimes it is difficult to decide. That's when the Institutional Service Tarot (IST) deck is, ironically, at your service. It is its own advisory committee. Open the tin. Shuffle the five cards. Draw one. It will--in consultation with the forces of the pluriverse--guide you. And it is also okay to draw three cards. Turn them over. Read them for an advisory pattern. Or draw all five cards. Turn them over. Heed the pattern. You can even form your own ad hoc Institutional Service Tarot Reading Committee and offer readings to others who have turned to you for mentoring, guidance, and advice. This timeless gift is a must-have for anyone who makes a career in an institution of higher learning.

Playing Cards

Institutional Service Tarot (IST) Deck

Playing Cards

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