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Sarah M. Cozzemera

Welcome to Everyday Alchemy! All illustrations are original designs created to inspire you! I hope that you can find something here that suits your own unique journey of wellness, healing, meditation, or creative process. These tools are designed to be accessible and used in a variety of ways. ARTIST STATEMENT: Art is a continuous process of becoming. A making and unmaking of each idea, form, shape, line, that moves through the creator to that which is created. We are as much shaped, altered, and invigorated with spirit by the process of creation as that which is created. It is a devotional practice. It is part self-indulgent, part self-sacrifice...once created, it is no longer ours to keep. It lives elsewhere, no longer something to be carried or housed exclusive to ourselves alone. Art is transformation + transmutation; perhaps the richest, most universally recognizable, and diverse language that humans speak. Fluency is the only requirement when turning your heart to gold.

Playing Cards


Playing Cards

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