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Emma de Fran's Oracles Shop Space

Emmanuelle Marques

The White and Black Oracle ( L'Oracle Blanc et Noir) was created by Emma de Fran, who is a french spiritual intuitive cards reader. Although this deck is published in french, the cards are really easy to interpret. Look at the pictures, trust what you are feeling and pay attention to any additionnal thoughts you might have, as these are clues to what the cards mean for you. You will be drawn to choose the cards that are most useful and relevant for you, because this oracle work with the law of attraction. You can focus cards reading on a specific question, or choose one or several cards for a guidance. In whatever way you use these cards, it will connect you with your inner intuition. 84 oracle cards. 5 explanation cards. Cards finishing: Gloss finish, 2,75'' x 4,75'' (70 x 120 mm).

Playing Cards

The french White and Black Oracle by Emma de Fran