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Elena Brotz

Hello! My name is Elena Brotz and I am a student and artist currently based in Burlington, Vermont. I love to experiment with all art forms and to create lovely things to make my tiny part of the world a little happier. All of the artwork on my decks of cards were painted in watercolor and represent different facets of the natural world that amaze me. The first cards I designed were the Animal Playing Cards. The suits each correspond with a different landscape, and the animals in that suit live in that landscape (Diamonds = Savannahs/Fields, Clubs = Forests, Hearts = Oceans, and Spades = Arctic/Antarctic regions). The second deck I designed was the Wildflower Playing cards. These cards each portray a different Wildflower that is native to the United States, and they are organized by color (Diamonds = Yellow/Orange, Clubs = White, Hearts = Pink/Red, and Spades = Purple/Blue). Thank you for your interest in my artwork!

Playing Cards

Wildflower Playing Cards

Playing Cards

Animal Playing Cards