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Chris Stratton

We all have a story that has been thus far written, but we have many blank pages to come before our final chapters are written. I am here to help those looking for insight and help them gain understanding in the things that are now and the things that are to come to help them write there life story as if comes. I create Rune decks based on the fact that there are a lot of people just getting started with using runes as a divination tool so each deck will be simple and easy to read and understand by not needing a book to help understand each card as the cards them selves will have the corresponding meaning both positive and negative on the cards themselves along with other corresponding symbolism also. This will help you learn to not only read the cards with out relying on a booklet but it allows you to learn to use your own intuition to decipher the messages being relayed to you during your reading of the cards them selves.

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Playing Cards

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