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Kara Brannon

My name is Kara Brannon and I'm the owner of Doris Jean Self-Care Essentials. I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach, and Holistic Hypnosis Practitioner. I have a shop on Etsy with more amazing products that I've created- dorisjeanbabe. I came up with the idea for this deck a couple years ago and I'm so excited that it has finally come to fruition! It's very special to me and my inspiration was to create a tool that would activate one's higher learning and inspire them to love and care for themselves in the best way possible..by living in their 100%, no BS, authentic truth. There is no guidebook with my oracle deck as I wanted each card to be intuitively flexible so that they could be morphed into whatever was desired! Each card was hand drawn and designed by Anastasiya Dziahel and were inspired by summer, neon, flowers, and feminism. Each drawing was created using a retro style with an aged texture.

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