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Hello Lovies, I've created this deck from the personal experiences and emotions of my life. On my journey, I've learned about my shadow and karmic side. Not the best!. Ultimately finding it in my best interest to end and bury ties attachments for my highest and spiritual purpose in life. In doing so, I found that life has a funny way of showing things. With my deck I have incorporated, what I felt was Valuable for anyone going through struggles and in need of answers. I've made mistakes and have been heartbroken before, and learned to take responsibility for the part I've played. I was awakened by a burning desire to change my life around and heal after hitting rock bottom. Healing doesn't happen overnight; we are never 100% Healed ever!. If I can help one person or one couple from this deck, It would make me so happy. I hope you all can resonate and enjoy this as I had with creating it. Thank You Blessings to you.

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The Project Phoenix

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Mind of a Queen

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Secrets and Exposure