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Denise A. Agnew

All my life I've found wolves fascinating. The wolf is a symbol of incredible strength, power, stealth and intelligence. Many years ago in a meditation I was approached by a gray wolf my spirit animal. Sometimes when I do a reading for someone wishing to contact those in spirit, my gray wolf will come to me first and be there during the reading. Because of the wolf's presence, I became inspired to design oracle cards that would pair a wolfs wisdom with a woman's and create a guide to authenticity and empowerment. Women often need the reminder that we are amazing. We need a check in daily or whenever we feel the need for guidance. These cards illuminate the light and shadow sides of our personalities and this duality. They remind us to tap into our personal wisdom and find our truth. Don't be afraid of the shadow side. We all have it. It's what you do with it and how you channel it in positive ways that matters.

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Wolf Wisdom Oracle