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I have poured my heart and soul into these designs ! They were inspired by 12 film cameras I received as a Christmas gift in 2018. I took photos of all the beautiful sights across Canada and did my best to take photos of all the planty things that happen in bush camp. Fast forward two years and my cameras finally get developed, with Isolation camp now being the norm I set out to stay creative while being locked down at the workplace. Poke Planters or Tree Planting the Gathering (up to you on title) is a BRAND new game designed 100% originally by me. You will probably wonder how it is played, and I am asking YOU to find out. The game is a turn based game, using Land cards you summon tree planters to the field as you would in the game Magic the Gathering. There are spells, artifacts and secret talents for each planter. Starting with 3000 /SX defense the winner of the card game is the first one to remove all of the enemies life points. Be victorious this summer and join the fun!

Playing Cards

Poke Planter Starter Holographic

Playing Cards

Poke Planter Starter