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We are excited to present to you RHEMA The Bible Promises Series, a collection of beautifully crafted bible verse cards. In ancient biblical history, in both Old and New Testaments it was common to seek the Lord's guidance just like we do today when we seek a Word from the Holy Spirit by asking Him to guide us to a bible verse. Many refer to this as a Rhema. The word Rhema comes from the Greek word 'Holy utterance' meaning 'an Anointed Word,' and appears at least 70 times in the New Testament Greek text. These cards were designed prayerfully. They were created to uplift, inspire and comfort you while wrapping you in the safety and security of Gods love. They make wonderful gifts in drawing that special loved one closer to God and great for memorization. Be sure to check out the entire Bible Promises Series collection as they are made available. May His Word renew your strength and increase the grace of His peace within your soul. Blessings, Dina

Playing Cards

RHEMA 100 Bible Promises

Playing Cards

RHEMAS For Women 50 Bible Promises