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Taylor Beardsall ATR-BC

With this deck, we can invite in some light structure, playfulness, prompting and intuition to art making. As a Board Certified Art Therapist, I deeply believe in the restorative and healing power of art making. This deck contains 90 cards in 5 different categories. You can pick a card from one category, each of the categories, or any combination of your choosing. Really, you can play with this deck and pick cards however you'd like! The cards also include reflection points to consider while you're working with the prompt. There are no wrong answers, no wrong ways to approach this. These cards include prompts for what we make art with, how we may approach art making, and what we might reflect on. My hope is that you can use these cards to help you get started or continue with art making. This deck can also be an invitation to connect with intuition: feeling the gentle nudge for which card to pick, trusting what comes to mind & what we intuitively associate with what is on a card.

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