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Denise Montgomery

GOLDEN EMOTIONS DECK - Designed to facilitate open, safe communication and exploration of feelings - Each card has a clear upright and reversed Feeling word - Soft-focus, stained-glass, dreamy artwork invites reflection, discussion, memories, moods, and imagination MAGIC|MUSIC|MYTH DECK A traditional oracle deck, this deck communicates mythic and musical themes alone or in combination with the Golden Emotions and / or other tarot & oracles. --------------------------- Both decks are appropriate for users who are unfamiliar with oracle / tarot and are open to the novelty of using game cards to encounter and talk about emotional states. Use for: -Self-development - Shadow work - Inner child work - PTSD / CPTSD recovery - Group facilitation - Family therapy - Couples counseling - Individual therapy - Guidance counseling - Employee counseling - Traditional Divination / Spiritual Development

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