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Jacquelyn Williams

Established in 2015 in Mississippi, relocated to Texas in 2017. As having 30 yrs. experience in the floral industry I decided it was time for me to take that leap of faith.We provide Snak- Packs for any occasion,also silk flower arrangements. Amazingly we also create designs on 54 in. brooms. We thrive on being unique. Know that everything is handmade and crafted. And the unique bone concept non- human bones of course, offers designs such as Magnets, Key Rings, Necklaces and Bracelets.We do have standard jewelry also. We do offer shipping. And for the holidays we have hand made bows for the Christmas and decorate pine-cones. We converse with customer to get a feel of their likes and dislikes, provide pictures of progression of project, making sure the line of communication is always open, as it should be.We believe a happy customer is a come back customer.We have also started the You Tube Channel now I would like to print and sell cards to help and inspire others. Thank You J.Williams

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Twin Flame Feminine Speaks Out

Playing Cards

Verbal Expressions/ Masculines

Playing Cards

Ancient Bone Wisdom