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Yolanda Acree

Introduction: I created this deck because I was called to. I collected images for a little over a year. It wasn't until Summer 2018, in the midst of a spiritual awakening, a rebirth, that I decided to finally heed the call and create this deck. I created the deck for myself, first and foremost. I wanted to use them as a tool for understanding this phase of my journey. The Black Rebirth tarot cards are my personal interpretations of the major arcana cards and most do not follow the traditional tarot imagery. The cards will ask you to draw on your own intuitive skills to receive the message. The tarot images are based on original collages I created. This deck is made by a black woman and primarily, for other black women. If you are new to tarot, starting with the major arcana can be a simple way to begin familiarizing yourself with tarot.

Playing Cards

Black Rebirth Major Arcana Tarot Deck