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Birdi Sinclair

HI! Welcome and contact me with your questions. All decks I create are from my practices, and have been used and tested, and are able to be used alone, but some are also part of a bigger system and may have books and classes or other products found on my websites to go deeper in your own explorations with them. Combine them with tarot or oracle decks, use them as they are with the suggestions I provide, use them as art or journaling prompts, come up with your own ideas. I'm an artist and author, contemplative mystic and spiritual counselor/director. My designs are related to the experiences I've had in my career that have proven helpful, my research and even my joy for living, which includes a respect for the spectrum of the difficulties we all share. Trust yourself, and if they appeal to you, dive in and make them part of your process. Your instinct will guide you. And I'm also easy to get ahold of for ideas or questions. Ama la vita d'altro, Birdi Sinclair, Begin Peace

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5 Bodies of Wholeness by Birdi Sinclair