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Beth Thompson offers card decks designed to facilitate a spiritual journey. The deck Portals: At the Intersection of Landscape and Self buoys the viewer upwards by connecting elements of the Southeastern U.S. landscape to facets of ones own being. The threads of connection are myriad, beginning with the tactile nature of the cards and the randomness created by shuffling the deck. Each card contains 3 visual portals that help the viewer dive deep or soar high: a) artwork kaleidoscopic in nature b) an original photograph from which the artwork is created c) a question for contemplation Suggestions for using Portals include: a) Meditating on a single card or a single element of a card b) Using the question for contemplation as a writing prompt c) Using collage to respond to the question for contemplation d) Responding to the card with movement, rhythm, drumming, or dance. An additional deck is in the works, based on the Tarot.

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