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Aunty K's Tarot Shop Space

Aunty K

Hi I'm Aunty K of Aunty K's Tarot. I felt drawn to create decks that depicted the world I live and breathe in. That resulted in a kickstarter deck. I wanted my next decks to be more accessible. So I have printed D'Amour's Fortunes here. There will be more to come. I am working on a TdM deck as well...and I feel D'Amour's Fortunes will be followed by another fortune telling deck. Stay tuned, check back often and check out my link tree, where this & all future MPC decks will be listed. D'Amour's Fortunes is made on 310 gsm linen card stuck in a custom tin. The face cards have a vintage feel playing card background. In the foreground is the fortune image and key phrase, directing you on how to read the card in relation to others. The fortune images are modern with people of the world majority. A beautiful contrast to an area that likes to forget our existence. The backs keep with the vintage feel and have a leather back.

Playing Cards

D'Amour's Fortunes: 55 card fortune telling deck on linen card in custom tin