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Playing card games will never be the same again! This deck of cards has been enhanced with augmented reality, meaning when these cards are viewed with a mobile application digital content appears above them, like magic! You can play and view content others have created or make your own personalized game. Visit ARientation ARientation started as a research project into the use of augmented reality in learning environments. Since then the project has expanded into other fields like marketing, gaming, and tourism. Here are some examples of how we have used these cards. Library Scavenger Hunt Students find hints with ARientation cards, this took them on a hunt from which by the end, students were orientated to the library, its facilities, and how to find books. AR Quiz Rally Tourists in a small town in Japan use these cards to guide tourists to points of interest. Created by Eric Hawkinson - Learning Technologist - Japan

Playing Cards

ARientation Jumbo Set

Playing Cards

Jumbo Demo Set (16 Cards)