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Elias, Veian, Maher

Arc Tarot: Trumps on Target Camelia Elias, Merete Veian, Nicholas Maher Artists and cartomancy students, Merete Veian and Nicholas Maher, paid a visit to the mobile headquarters of Aradia Academy. Why not make a deck of cards that draws on inspiration from non-traditional Marseille Tarot cards, calligraphy, sigil art, and martial arts with a Norwegian, Danish, Romanian, American, and Japanese flavor based on reading 2-card combinations of old Marseille trumps. I designed a sigil to go with the keywords, and provided a suminagashi 'witch's head' for the back of the deck. Merete Veian provided the drawings for the keywords we came up with in a 10-minute brainstorm, and she was also the head designer of putting it all together. Nicholas Maher provided 'occult' touches to Merete's drawings and also liquified the background of the old Marseille cards, following the suminagashi spirit. Camelia Elias, PhD, Dr.Phil. Aradia Academy Director

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