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Hello, Thanks for stopping by my shop! All my decks are designed to help navigate and give you clarity on what is happening within your connection. Right now I have two decks for sale which includes my Incoming Love Messages Holographic Deck (Volume 2.) and The Top Secret Mini Oracle deck. Price for Incoming Love Messages: $46.55 USD. Price For Top Secret Mini Oracle: $40.60 USD. IMPORTANT: When buying the decks the website will ask you to sign in, there is a guest check out option when you scroll down. ALSO it will ask you to do paypal checkout, you DO NOT need a paypal account for this, once you click the paypal link it will direct you to sign in and the pay with credit/debit option is right below the sign in box! <3 These decks can also be shipped internationally!

Playing Cards

Incoming Love Messages Volume 2.(Holographic)

Playing Cards

The Top Secret Oracle (Mini Oracle)