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Amaru F Li

Awaken to the power of your inner Shaman with THE SHAMANS PATH CARD DECK. The Shamans Path is one of self-mastery, love and healing. It is not a path of dogma or rules. All you need is an open heart and a willingness to move past your challenges and fears into personal power and self- healing. As artist and Peruvian shaman himself, Amaru has been guided by his inner Teachers to channel this highly symbolic deck. Each card is a portal or gate opener into Universal Consciousness. The colors, images and symbols contained in each card form a highly coded language to assist you during this time of planetary and personal transformation. Each one has a distinct and personal message transmitted from your own Spirit Guides and inner Teachers. By working and meditating with the Shamanic Path card deck, you will become familiar with your sacred vision, your inner clarity, and heightened perception. You will learn to trust the messages that come from the Voice of your Inner Shaman

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