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DP Pro Data Protection game Shop Space

Tim Hyman

DP Pro has been designed by Data Protection Officers to act as a learning aid for privacy professionals. The game covers the core obligations and best practices needed to maintain a robust privacy culture in a business. SCENARIO: You are responsible for your firm's privacy practices and have been given notice by the ICO that you will be audited in 1 years time (generous I know). Will you be ready? Do you have enough budget and time? What unplanned events will occur over the next 12 months? Will you purchase the right tech? What processes will you allocate your time to? Will you make the right decisions? Will you score enough points to be audit ready? The DP PRO game covers the core concepts of an organisation's data protection in a (semi) real world environment. With the right mixture of skill and luck you can be ready for audit (a bit like real life really). Game instructions and scoresheet are available free of charge from the 2twenty4consulting website.

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