Custom size
1.75"×2.5" (44.5×63.5mm)
2"×2" (20.8×50.8mm)
2"×3.5" (50.8×88.9mm)
2.2"×3.43" (56×87mm)
2.25"×3.5" (57×89mm)
2.5"×3.5" (63.5×89mm)
2.75"×2.75" (69.9×69.9mm)
2.75"×4.75" (69.5×120.6mm)
3.5"×3.5" (88.9×88.9mm)
3.5"×5" (89×127mm)
3.5"×5.75" (89×146mm)
2.25"×3.5" (57×89mm)
2.5"×3.5" (63.5×89mm)
4"×6" (101.6mm×152.4mm)
2.75"×4.75" (69.5×120.6mm)

1000 decks only

ENDS SOON - The world 1st ever fried chicken scented deck


Rigid Box

Custom Size Card Game Box

Custom Size Card Game Box

Easy steps to create your 2 piece card game rigid box

  1. Choose the size of box to fit the size of your cards
  2. Choose the number of cards you need to fit inside your card game box
  3. Select a type of finishing such as gloss or matte, smooth or linen
  4. Download the PDF template and add your design to it on Ai or other image editing program
  5. Upload your completed file and add to cart
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