Keep stock, earn more (Plan 2)

This plan is for those who want take control of the cost in order to earn more per sale. You choose how much stock to pre-order and we keep it in stock for you.

How can I earn

How to earn more?

Basically, you can lower the base price that we at MPC require for producing your deck by preordering stock at larger quantities to take advantage of our bulk pricing structure. So when customers buy your design, we don't need to produce them one by one but rather just get them from your stock pile. Your selling price can stay the same or you can pass your savings to your customers and make more sales by having a more attractive lower price than other sellers.

How it works

  • 1
    Choose which product you want to add your design to sell on our MarketPlace
  • 2
    Decide which quantity you want to preorder
  • 3
    Let us know by contacting us and choose MarketPlace (stock keeping) as the topic
  • 4
    Our MarketPlace Advisor will get in touch with you to work for the following:
    - setting up an invoice for you
    - setting up your product details such as product name, description, tags, catergories, images, selling price, etc

Payments and records

Of course, the most important part. Payments of your earnings will be made to you exactly in the same way as in our original Plan 1 which you can find the details to here. You will also be able to see your records in the same way as you do on Plan 1. The only thing you will not be able to see at this moment is your remaining stock which you can still contact our customer services to enquire on.

Handling of your stock

We will keep your stock for free at our warehouse for a period of 60 days afterwhich, any remaining stock will be sent back to you at your cost or will be destroyed after 2 weeks later if the shipping payment is not settled. If you wish to continue to keep your stock in our warehouse, there will be a charge of per item per week.

Plan 2 on beta release

Note that this Plan 2 for keeping stock is on beta release so the process has not been automated yet which will come later on in 2020. But due to popular demand for this option, we have decided to release it to the public first and do things more manually at the moment, so please bear with us.

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