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Less plastic for a better future.

Continuing our commitments as a responsible manufacturer, we at MPC have been working hard to significantly reduce the amount of plastic we use to package our cards in order to become more environmentally friendly whilst keeping and possibly exceeding the high standards that you have come to expect from our company.

What exactly changed?

We are using less plastic packaging for our cards. Instead of using shrinkwrapping on every single deck of cards that we produce regardless of whether a box is ordered or not, we have either removed the shrinkwrap completely or change to use a small card band (to keep the cards together).

Basically, there are 3 scenarios which we have conveniently outlined below:

  1. Shrinkwrapping is used - If no box is chosen (no change)
  2. Small card band is used - If any plastic/tin box is chosen for your cards (small change)
  3. No shrinkwrap or card band is used - No plastic packaging is used on cards if any tuck box is chosen. The tuck box itself will still be shrinkwrapped externally for protection (big change)

It may not seem like a big change to an outsider but for a company like ours that produces tens of thousands of decks per day, a small change like this goes a long way in reducing carbon footprint on plastic use.

Have you checked out our E27 Eco-herbage stock?

E27 casino quality card stock with black core (linen finish)

For those of you who are looking for more ways to help the earth, we have a more sustainable card stock made from grass and the leafy parts of plants called the E27 Eco-herbage stock. This stock has a more raw and natural color to it with visible fibers. This stock is also available on your custom tuck boxes too under the name T27. Find out more.

Creating a sustainable future

We're sure all our customers will welcome this change where we try to do our part in creating a more sustainable future. If you have any questions about this change, please contact us.

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