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Amal Awad

As a writer across disciplines (media, books and screen), Amal Awad is familiar with the ups and downs of being a creative. She is also all-too-familiar with the (formerly) dreaded writers block. But in recent years, Amal has come to realise that creativity has different states and stages, and that awareness and working through them can offer a more rewarding and ultimately successful experience. Amal also attests to how creativity is an intuitive process, a deep-dive into oneself and a reflective way to make sense of life, and the world around us. We don't have to suffer for our art, but we can also work through the darkness as powerfully as we produce in the light. The deck comprises 80 cards covering the different stages and aspects of creative projects. These cards can be creative flashcards for quick insights and a way to break through creative block, or be used for a more profound deep-dive into the creative self.

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