How does it work?

How does it work

Sell your card designs

It's easy to sell your card designs on MPC. All you need to do is select a product type of your choice, upload your artwork through our online builder as usual, preview it, set up the details of your design such as adding a product name, description, some keywords, setting the price and adding an optional image for your product to appear in the listings. The more details that you add to your design, the higher the chance that it will be found by potential buyers.

How does it work

You can sell anything you create on MPC including playing cards, game cards, custom boxes, custom chips and seals. To put your design on our MarketPlace, simply select the product type/playing card size, shape and specifications (such as card stock/number of cards and box) that you want to sell; upload your artwork to our easy-to-use online builder. You then setup your shop by giving it a name and filling in certain parameters and then submit the design for us to approve. Once we have approved your design, it will be available for sale in our MarketPlace.

Your Shop Space

When you add a design to our MarketPlace, you will be prompted to set up your personal shop space. Your shop space will contain all your design uploads and contains a unique URL (internet address), for you to conveniently promote your own virtual shop on forums, social medias plus other promotional platforms. Send and share your shop link to others so you can receive more visits and potential sales.

Ready to go live?

After you have set up your shop space (required only once) and when you are ready to start selling your designed items, submit it to us for review. Our team will review it and make sure that it's fit for sale before releasing it onto the MarketPlace for purchase. This process will usually take a few hours to a few days to complete.

We'll do the rest

MPC takes care of all the production processes, shipping and customer enquiries. If there are any issues regarding your product for sale, we will get in contact with you.

Start earning

All you have to do is promote your shop space using your unique URL on your website, your social network channels such as Facebook and Twitter and also to promote your shop offline too such as to your friends, family and your business contacts. Now that the hard work is done, login and check your sales report daily to keep track of your sales and earnings. Hurrah!

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