A closer look at our cardstock options

We have 6 professional cardstock options for you to choose from. So which one is right for you? We take a closer look here.

playing card cardstock options
270gsm cardstock

270gsm - Promotional cardstock [see more details...]

Our 270gsm promotional cardstock is the lowest price from our range but still providing high quality printed cards. Each card contains a blue core layer in the middle to make them less see through. These are especially popular for marketing promotional purposes or customers looking for a lower priced option.

300gsm cardstock

300gsm - Smooth cardstock [see more details...]

300gsm cardstock has a smooth finish and is the most standard cardstock on the market. Each card contains a blue core centre to reduce card transparency. These are popular for game card designers and for higher end company/wedding promotional purposes. Great for photo printing which makes this one of the top choices.

330gsm Superior Smooth Card Stock

330gsm - Superior Smooth Card Stock [see more details...]

Our 330gsm card stock has an extra smooth finish and is a German card stock which is considered to be one of the finest available. This card stock provides more visual contrast than standard stock, keeping the graphics printed on each card vivid in colors. The card stock is made to look cleaner, extra durable, and all in all, possesses a superior feel to them. Top choice for game card creators and for purposes that requires the absolute best in smooth card surfaces and quality.

310gsm cardstock

310gsm - Linen cardstock [see more details...]

A very professional casino paper cardstock option that we offer is the 310gsm from France which has a linen finish with air pockets making them more durable, better handling and more slippery. Each card contains a black core layer centre to block light shining through. These are perfect for professionals who are in the playing card and games industry requiring top quality or simply for people who would like professional playing cards card stock for their prints.

310gsm Linen Air cardstock

310gsm - Linen Air cardstock [see more details...]

Our top of the range paper card stock is the 310gsm linen air option from Germany. It's similar to our 310gsm French linen cardstock but the card surface embossing (air pockets) are further defined which traps more air to provide an unparalleled smoothness in card handling. These cards are very durable, beautiful with top notch handling which make them MPC's top pick. This option carries a minimum order quantity of 1000 decks and will be printed on traditional offset printers with solid color output. This is perfect for people who require the absolute best in quality on playing cards and demand that their cards perform as professionally as they look. Great for Kickstarter projects, cardists and magicians.

100% plastic cardstock

100% Plastic cardstock [see more details...]

Our plastic playing cards are 100% white plastic with a thickness of 13pt. Very long lasting, slippery and excellent handling. Completely waterproof and stays in shape even with the roughest of handlers. Top choice for customers looking for premium top of the range cardstock that will last the test of time and something different to traditional paper playing cards.

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