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Cardistry Video Contest 2016

Win the Grand Prize of 100 decks of custom linen air
playing cards by MPC® plus Cash

How to enter?

Results coming soon

MPC Competition
How to enter?

Create and send to us a video of you performing your best cardistry flourishes and/or magic card tricks using a deck of MPC® playing cards for your chance to win the Grand Prize or our other 11 great Runner-up Prizes.




Grand Prize (x1)

100 custom decks (your back design) of playing cards on limited run of MPC® 310gsm linen air card stock plus
Cash Prize


Second Prize (x1)

20 custom decks (your back design) of playing cards on MPC® 310gsm linen card stock


Third Prizes (x10)

MPC® Impressions Stealth Ed. Deck + MPC® Impressions Foil Blue Back Deck


What you need to know

Q. What is The MPC® Cardistry Video Contest?

The contest is run by MakePlayingCards.com (MPC®), one of the leading custom playing card manufacturers in the world.

The contest is aimed at finding the best playing card performers whom we'd like to help create their own brand of cards and hopefully kick start their own cards business. We will be awarding 12 prizes in total but only one Grand Prize winner who will get the chance to print 100 copies of their card back design on a deck of cards on a limited run of MPC® linen air card stock complete with custom tuck box and a seal, all shrinkwrapped. What's more, the winner will receive cash prize to spend on whatever they want.

The contest also promotes cardistry and card magic and at the same time to promote the use of MPC® branded cards to a wider audience and see how they handle and perform in the hands of professionals.

Q. How to enter?

This is the great part because it's a really simple 2 step process as follows:

  1. Shoot and create a video of yourself performing your best cardistry moves or magic card trick using a deck of MPC® playing cards. Your video can be up to 60 seconds long.
  2. Submit your entry to the contest by uploading your recorded video footage through the contest form.

Below is an example of a homemade cardistry performance video for your reference. You can of course do further editing to it should you choose to.

Q. When is the contest?

The MPC® Cardistry Video Contest will accept entries between the dates 6 July - 9 November. Any entries submitted after this date may not be considered for the running to win our prizes.

Q. When is the last day to submit my video?

All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. PST, November 9, 2016.

Q. What are the rules?

See the Official Rules page for full details

Q. If I win, how do I get my prize?

We will send the deck prizes to the winners provided address. Cash prizes will be awarded into your PayPal account. If you are one of the winners of our Grand Prize or Second Prize, we will work with you after the contest.

Q. Who can participate?

Anyone worldwide over the age of 18 on 1 July 2016 may enter the contest. If you are under the age of 18, you can still enter by asking someone over the age of 18 such as a family member or friend to register and enter for you. Please go to the MPC® Cardistry Content Official Rules for full details.

Q. Can we team up with others to shoot the video?

Yes, you may team up with your friends and have more than one person performing in the video. However, prizes will only be awarded to the registered person who submitted the video. So be sure it is someone you can trust.

Q. How it will be judged and by who?

Videos submitted will be judged on their uniqueness of the moves shown, smooth transitions, level of complexity, effort and professionalism of the video footage itself such as angles used. Our select team of judges at MPC will select the winners based on the above criteria.

Q. Which cards can I use for the video?

You must shoot the video using a genuine deck of MPC playing cards. Customized or MPC branded playing cards is a MUST. Other branded cards will unfortunately not be accepted.

Q. What if I don't have MPC cards?

Since this contest is to promote the use of MPC branded decks, you must use cards printed by us. If you don't have a deck already (which hopefully you do), you can purchase them online on our site at MakePlayingCards.com.

Q. What video recording equipment do I need?

You can do your video shooting on your digital camera or mobile phone. The video capturing capabilities on an iPhone is pretty much amazing and is good enough for this contest.

Q. Why is my video not uploading?

Make sure you have the correct video format which must be in MPV, AVI, MP4, MPEG, 3GP or MKV. The video size should not be more than 200MB and should contain no more than 60 seconds of footage. If you're still having issues after these checks, please contact us for help.

Q. What will you do with my video?

We will use the video that you submitted to judge the prize winners. We may during or after the contest period publish your video in full or in part on our public sales channels and social media platforms which includes but not limited to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and our website. Upon entering this contest you agree to authorize MPC to use, edit, modify your submitted video for any future marketing, advertising and publicity purposes as required. For more information regarding the use of the video that you submit, please see our official contest rules page.

Q. When will I know the results?

All winners will be notified by email in the month of December 2016 (postponed till 10 February 2017). The winners list may also appear on our website and other promotional channels. Good luck and get filming.


Getting Started

  1. Practice your moves off camera with a deck of MPC playing cards. Practice makes perfect.
  2. When you're good and ready, get someone to help you to hold the camera while you perform. Reshoot as many times as you need to.
  3. Submit your final video using the below form and keep your fingers crossed!

Winning Tips

  1. Practice and practice more
  2. Be confident
  3. Try to be unique and original
  4. Think about the angles when shooting
  5. Think about the lighting. Is there enough light. A well-lit area makes a huge difference.
  6. Be happy and to have lots of fun in doing it!

Contest entry

To enter the contest for a chance to win 1 of our 12 amazing prizes, please fill in your details and upload your cardistry/magic trick video using a deck of MPC playing cards. We wish you the best of luck!

Please note maximum file size is 200MB.   Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

  • First name *
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  • Email *
  • File types accepted: avi, wmv, mpeg, mp4, mov, mkv, flv, f4v, m4v, rmvb, rm, 3gp, vob, zip
  • Attach video:
  • Information about your video and why you should win*(max 500 characters)
  • Verification Code Refresh Refresh   Letters are not case-sensitive.
  • I have read carefully and agree to all the terms and rules as laid out for this contest in the official rules page